Unlock the Power of Your Closet

You have too much to wear. Honestly, you probably do. Here's how to make the most of your investment:

It's Friday night at 6pm and you've got a party tonight.

This was me last Friday.

As usual, I've waited until the last minute to find an outfit.

What's a girl to do?

Buy or not to buy.

The action you take is really up to you.

It's become almost instantaneous that we feel the urge to run out and shop. The fashion industry (to some extent) spends a lot of money convincing you that you don't have enough power already hanging in your closet. But you do.

How can you stretch your wardrobe and maximize your use of it?

  • Get creative - simple math will tell you that if you have 10 skirts/pants, 10 tops, 3 jackets, you actually have $%&^*#@ permutations of outfit combinations available to you. And there are NO rules to pairing items.
  • Accessories - they can totally reinvent a common ensemble, showcase your personality, and take things from blah to ah!
    • Scarves - they make you look amazing. You can wear the same scarf 15 different ways, and no one will notice that you have the same dress on underneath. Wear them around your neck, as head wraps, around your waist, tied to your purse/arm, or wear them as a top. See pictures below. Have a couple of types handy: oblong, square, infinity. Also have different fabrics for the seasons and occasions: linen; wool/cashmere; cotton; silk; (faux-)fur
  • You can phone a friend. Seriously, the most eco-friendly way to expand your options is to call a friend and borrow something (accessory or clothing) and style it up. What are friends for if not for helping each other in a pinch? My good friend and blogger @beautycubed lends me a helping hand when needed. Check her out. She's fabulous.

What did I do about my Friday night outfit problem?

Fun accessory + dress = new outfit



Dress: American Apparel; Bowtie: stolen from hubby's closet

Fast fashion - the bad habit of buying and quickly disposing of poorly made clothing - has a huge impact on your wallet and the environment.

Slow style - that's what you want. Timeless, quality pieces that make you look and feel fabulous. It's better for everyone.



Scarf as a top. TRY IT!

For a formal look, wear a crisp, collared shirt underneath.

A designer friend based in Singapore makes these beauties.



This scarf is a gift from a friend, purchased in Iran. The colour is invincible and can glam up anything. Wool/cashmere.

You don't even notice the (not-new) dress that I'm wearing.

The truth is getting creative like this is what all the classic fashionistas have been doing for many years. Get on board! Yes, you can do it. I'm excited to see what you create.

More scarf heaven from the fashion world.

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