Where to Properly Recycle Your Clothes - List of Stores

Do you have old clothes to dispose of? Avoiding million of tons of clothing in landfills starts with properly recycling old material. If they're in very good condition, you may want to drop them off at Goodwill or, a vintage shop. But if they are not resalable, then drop them off for recycling at any one of these stores in your city:

  1. The North Face
  2. American Eagle
  3. Levi's (US only)
  4. H&M

None of those in your neighbourhood? Don't worry, look up your city in I:Co's website and it will map out some nearby options for you.

If you are recycling, tell me about it, and enter a chance to win an autographed copy of Michael Lavergne's Fixing Fashion. Contest closes October 25, 2015.

Lastly, you know there are 3Rs - Reduce, Reuse and Recycle. Recycle is the last in the list, because the focus should really be on buying less, spending less, and taking care of quality items.

But you're a smartie, you already knew that :)

Happy Recycling!

And a BIG thank you to I:CO for solving the world's tough problems.

Feature Photo Credit: @TrueCostMovie

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